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The goldsmith and jewelers guilt focuses in its activity also on cooperation with secondary schools, which prepare students in the field aimed at manufacturing of jewelry.

The goal of the contest is to enhance the quality and inventiveness of the students and in mutual confrontation of the schools improve the level of training for the occupation of a goldsmith.

On the initiative of the guilt based on an agreement between representatives of the school from 26. October 1999, in April of 2000 the first annual Slovak contest in designing and manufacturing of jewelry took place.

The contest had two categories:

In the first category the contestants based on the announced theme produced jewelry at the place of the organizing school in time limit of twelve working hours.

In the second category of the contest the students manufactured at their own schools without a time limit for the announced theme.

The work is evaluated by an expert committee, which evaluates:

expression of the topic, design, workmanship, compliance with the technical drawing, accompanying documentation.

From 2009 there is a graduate decrease of students, cancellation of the study of goldsmith and jeweler at some school and the resulting lower number of registered contestants. Because of this propositions had to be changed in 2012 – the contest takes place under the terms of the second category. The documentation must be accompanied by photographic documentation of the manufacturing of the jewelry.

The winners receive a financial reward, a diploma and gifts from the guilt.

From the general sponsor Zlatá huta s.r.o. material for manufacturing and silver memorial coins. From 2011 a silver medal is awarded annually: The price of the director of the Assay office of the SR.