Štátny znak Slovenska

Cech zlatníkov a klenotníkov Slovenska

Bratislava erb

Labor law service

The guilt council prepared for the members:


– Program of own activity focused against the legalization of incomes from illegal activity. This material was produced pursuant to Law No. 367 / 2000 S.


– Operating rules for work with chemical factors under the conditions of goldsmith manufacturing, pursuant to Law No. 355/2006 S. Members of the guilt can order these documents and pick them up from the head of the guilt.

How to establish a goldsmith trade:


Advice, documents and permits necessary for establishing goldsmith manufacturing in Slovakia. In case of interest, please contact the guilt council representatives.

Binding regulations:


– Trade law and other regulations – www.szk.sk

– Assay law and other regulations – www.puncovyurad.sk