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Cech zlatníkov a klenotníkov Slovenska

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Present of the guilt

Guilt is a class organization uniting based on volunteering citizens of the Slovak republic dealing especially with the manufacturing of jewelry and processing of precious metals. The main mission of the guilt is building class pride, which should develop based on the quality of the products, professional approach, correct action and upholding the codex of good behavior. As part of its activity and as represented by the guilt council, the guilt focuses on the development of information system so that its members have enough information from the professional, legal, labor-law, propagation area as well as the area of education and vocational training of high school youth. The guilt cooperates with central authorities of the SR and the Assay office of the SR during creation of the legislation and its application to practice, through which it aims to create conditions for successful entrepreneurial activity of its members and at the same time promote their interests and needs.

Medieval goldsmiths brand

from the territory of the present Slovakia, 16th-19th century